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I'm Ann!

I graduated from Madonna University with a BS majoring in math and a teaching certificate in secondary mathematics (2006).  Well before I graduated, I started tutoring mathematics.  It's how I even met my best friend and husband.  I would hang up flyers around my campus, city public library, and go door-to-door.  I started by tutoring my classmates, and from there I just grew.  I have been tutoring for over 20 years and will continue private tutoring probably until I cannot anymore.  I have several years of in-person and online tutoring and teaching experience working at multiple schools and universities.   


After teaching in a high school setting for several years, I decided to expand my educational background and earned my MA in mathematics education from Concordia University (2014).  My most current employer is Brandman University where I work as a senior mathematics tutor.  I specialize in tutoring statistics, algebra, geometry, and education students.  I began only tutoring algebra and statistics students, but since I started in February of 2016, I teamed up with the Dean of the Mathematics Department, and created over 30 new, fully interactive learning workshops.  In addition, I assist in rewriting the curriculum for the algebra and statistics courses.  Last year, I was asked to serve on the panel for ACTLA (Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance), showcasing to dozens of schools and their support staff Brandman’s interactive math workshops.

Why I chose tutoring as a career...

I don't think I chose tutoring, it chose me. I don’t think I became a tutor, I was destined to be one and through experience with my students, I developed into an exceptional one.  The very least, math tutoring gave me the greatest friends in the world and a life-long partner.  As a bonus, it made me more patient, self-aware, and able to grow as a person. 


Math is an art and I am artist.

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