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Poetry pi

Here is my collection of poems, riddles, nmemonics, haikus, student papers, and more, that all contribute to the written word of mathematics.  I find writing riddles for concepts, especially math ones, avoid the assumed need to memorize everything.  Instead of making flash cards and drilling yourself crazy, try tuning into your creative side and get poetic with your math.  Here is some inspiration to help you get started.  Enjoy! (2).png (3).png
Angles have degrees, and that we know for certain. Postulates we serve, before they hit th
Ferris Wheel
Old Paper Transparent

O Integer, Integer,
Wherefore Art Thou Integer?

O integer, integer, wherefore art thou integer?

Deny thy decimals, and refuse thy fractions.

With you I am whole, but also thou opposite.

There is zero between us, yet my rational choice.

Thy fraction bar divides us, but thou integer beneath me,

O integer, no zero, keeps me always defined.

Ferris Wheel

 vs. (3).png
Have no fear, a rhyme for dividing exponents is here!
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Learn math vocabulary in a fun and unique way using Math Libs!

The worried (real number)________________ took a stroll down Number Line Lane to clear his (5).png (4).png
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