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pi's Ideal Customer

Anyone who wants to change their learning habits when it comes to their mathematics.  Whether you are a child or adult, pi is about catering to the individual and helping them see math in every aspect; transforming students into artists.


I like to use the term artists to describe my students, because math is all about creativity.  There is no perfect method for solving any problem.  Even Einstein said, "to these elementary laws (of physics) there leads no logical path, but only intuition supported by being sympathetically in touch with experience" (Kogelman & Warren, 2013).  Well said Einstein!  You can not "learn" through rote memorization, but through failure.  Yes, failure.  The true measurement of success is NOT how well you avoid failure in your life, but rather your ability to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm - Winston Chruchill.  

At pi, you are not shown how to do your math, but YOU show pi how you would do a problem first, at least how far you got.  And there's always something you have done to at least get started.  Even if that's reading the question.  That's something!!  pi can help YOU dig deeper into questions, help YOU organize the problem, and help YOU become a better problem solver overall.  Did you notice how I emphasized YOU?  That's because YOU will be doing the work.  pi is simply a tool for your brain, helping YOU unlock your potential. 


Be prepared to be challenged and experiment with versatile teaching styles.  If you like the way this sounds, or you just want something different, read more about my services, and better yet, send me an email!


Online Math Tutor
  • Flexible scheduling with availability 6 days a week.  

  • $40 per 1 hour session.

  • In-person sessions available within a 10 mile radius of downtown South Lyon, MI.

Math Tutor for Adults

Adult students learn differently, at different paces.  Their lives are packed full with other commitments other than their schooling.  Train your adult brain to function more efficiently for you and your busy lifestyle.

Light bulb glowing on the tip of light blue pencil on light blue background. Creativity, i

Writing in Math

Writing in math, who knew!  It's not just for math or science majors either.  Most majors will require you to write some type of research paper that emphasizes mathematics.

Application of Mathematics

What is the point of repetitive learning processes if you do not see its purpose and relevancy to your life and life in general?  pi is that connection that helps you visualize math's application everywhere and to everything!

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