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Math Lib

You remember Mad Libs? Well, I created a Math Lib to test your math vocabulary in a fun and unique way. It might be a little challenging for elementary students but give it a try!! I would love to see what you come up with for your Math Lib too, so feel free to share!

The pointy (polygon)________________ went for a walk down the yellow brick (pair of line types)________________ until he ran into an angry two (US unit of measurement)_______________ wizard. The pointy polygon asked him, "Why are you so angry?" The wizard replied, "(famous mathematician)___________________ stole my theorem!" The slope of my anger is (operation)_______________ing at a/an (equation type) ___________________ rate. I'm going to sue (same famous mathematician)______________________ for everything their worth raised to the (ordinal number)_______________ power. "Oh wizard, you do that, all you end up with is a (3-dimensional polygon)____________________ full of irrational regret. Learn from the

(plural polygon)__________________ and keep your edges together.

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