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Think of pi
as the 

Willy Wonka ®
of math learning.

pi caters to child & adult students, 

helping them see math in every aspect.

The individual and

math as an art,

that can be unlocked & infinite if willing.

Math Tutor For Adults


Math Writing Help


Our mission 
Give math a
positive meaning 


Application of Mathematics

Focus on repetitive measures for learning.


Use one approach for problem-solving.

Discriminate against the use of technology.

What we DON'T put in our pi

1-1 Tutoring

12-hour lead time


Pre-K to Precalculus + Statistics

Note Taking Tips | Test Taking Strategies



$40 per 1 hour session



Virtual preferred, but Ann will meet at the Salem-South Lyon District Library (SSLDL) for in-person sessions.  Please note when booking a session that you want it in-person.





South Lyon, MI 48178 | (248) 234-0621

Online Math Tutor
1-1 and Totally pi


Pi with heart

Math Infused Events

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Ann definitely adds new meaning to the phrase, "the hostess with the mostest!"  Whether it's her math camps that are totally hands on and applicable to the real world, to her super infused workshops on whatever flavor of pi she's serving. Ann is a unique and super enthusiastic host transforming the world of learning mathematics.  She is serving all flavors of pi, so no one is ever displeased.

Writing in Math

Writing in Math

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Child and adult focused journals and writing workshops. Prepare or improve your writing skills when it comes to math related topics.  Even if you take zero math specific courses in college, you will have to write about mathematical concepts.  Psychology, sociology, education, business majors, and more will be required to work with data, create charts, but most importantly interpret and correctly write your conclusions.  Learn to explain the mathematics, while applying proper APA 7th edition formatting. Read your work at one or all of our monthly scheduled readings, taking place at either a local bookstore, library, or coffee shop. 


Check out my own collection of poems, riddles, nmemonics, and more that all relate to the written world of mathematics, Poetry pi.

Social Groups for Adults

Social Groups for ADULTS

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A place for adult students, or parents of any age learners to share anything, as long as you infuse it with math.  Maybe share a great learning tip for teaching fractions to 6th graders. Or appropriately vent when you are stressed about a particular math assignment or grade your professor gave you in a math class. Perhaps a positive story to share regarding your current math course, or your kid's math class. You may not realize what a beneficial and positive resource YOU are!  Yes, YOU!  You may feel frustrated, and sometimes the only person who can't do their math homework.  Join and share your slice.  There is much empowerment knowing you are not alone.  Like pi, the stories are infinite, and you can be a little irrational.

Gala of Algorithms

"GA" Gala of Algorithms 

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Virtual child and adult math infused art classes. Learn to create art through the use of iterative algorithms.  Create your own patterns, ready to print for wherever your creativity takes you.  Infinite variety of contests!  For example, enter to win the "Most Unique Symmetrical Photo" contest, during the week we learn about symmetry, asymmetry, and proofs involving both. 

Love and Mojitos

"lovin my math" blog

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If you love to write, but want a more casual atmosphere, then visit Ann's "lovin my math" blog.  Weekly posted topics related to math and its infinite application to everything. Come share your opinion and creative ideas related to the topic for discussion. Create a physical and virtual portfolio of your written masterpieces.  Separate child and adult blogging opportunities.

Musical Mathematics

For children and youth.  Become part of a unique team that teaches infinite mini lessons through music.  Help choose topics, vote on pre-approved music selections, and create lyrics.  A catchy song must also have a stellar video.  Help design and create the animated music video you helped invent.  Plus, some of the most well-known formulas have catchy riddles or rhymes to help you master them.  PEMDAS - Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally - a historical and forever used mnemonic for the order of operations.  Or, "King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk" - I'm never forgetting my metric system thanks to King Henry!  No topic is unteachable through the art of music.

Teaching Kids

kids TEACHING kids

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Virtual opportunity to be the star and teach ANYTHING, as long as it's math infused.  You can submit a video of yourself/a duo with a parent, sibling, best friend, anyone/a group video!  Teach absolutely anything you want, just make sure you infuse your lesson with math. Ann will review your video, and if chosen, it will be posted for all pi subscribers to enjoy.  Video postings are temporary, but may be used over again.  Contests and awards for best unique math categories will take place.  This is a brilliant opportunity for your student to do something creative, very trending, and to build self-confidence through a safe, public speaking virtual environment.  

Virtual Resource

LIVE Virtual Resource Channel

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Child and adult content.  Tips, shortcuts, and different themed video content related to multiple branches of mathematics.  Learn technology shortcuts for algebra, geometry, statistics and more using a variety of free apps. Feel free to send Ann a message asking her for tips or shortcuts on the topic of your choice, and she will post a live session teaching your topic.

VIRTUAL meetups

In-person sessions take place at the Salem-South Lyon District Library (SSLDL).

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